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Pergamon Tour

Departure from the harbour through the nord of in order arrive to Pergamum (Today called Bergama)

During the travel we will see some of little town like Menemen and Alia─ča. When we arrive to Pergamum first of all we visit the Acropolis of the ancient city where you can TAKE the best pictures of the ancient theatre (in the capacity of holding 15.000 spectators, The Temple of Athenas, the Altor of  Zeus (JUPITERand the temple of Trajor (called Trajaneum). The excursion take place on the top of the hill and it will be approximately  and half hour

Then we will drive through the  Asclepion. The first center of the health in Asia Minor for those who suffered mummy illness especially mental illness.

We don't forget to take photos of the antique Red holl. It was an ancient Basilica dedicated to Serapis (egyptian goddess). They transfOrMED on a Church in christian eras and then the Muslim People added a mosque into courtyard

In the Museum of Pergamum you can see to many antiques coming from diffrent eraS. Columns, capitals, statues etc. You can take a picture the replica of the Altor of Zeus

Pricing (Per Person)

  • 1$230
  • 2$110
  • 3$105
  • 4$90
  • 5$75
  • 6-10$60
  • 11-16$65
  • 17+$45

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