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Ephesus, Sirince Tour

Your private guide will meet with you in Izmir port. We will be carrying a sign with your name on.
You will welcome to an air-conditioned minivan with a private driver. Your guide will keep on giving you information about the area and the ancient places during the tour.

After driving 1 hour  you will be entering to Ephesus from the upper gate (which is on the top of the hill) with the leading of your private guide. Your guide will begin to inform you about the city and you will start to walk slightly down words to the lower gate where our coach is waiting for you.

The first stop will be infront of the plan of Ephesus where you are going to be informed about the history and the location of this magnificent historical site. You could easily feel yourself as a Roman Aristocrat during walk in the second biggest Roman city.
You will see and informed about the Upper Roman Bath, Gymnasium complex, State Agora, Archaic Cemetery and small theatre with the capacity of 1400 people also called as Odeon but actually was Bouleterion. By walking down words going through the sacred ramp you will reach to the Domitian Square and Memmiuss Monument. Via to Hercules gateway you arrive to the Centrum, to the high life of Ephesians. The street as entitled as Curetes,Trajan’s Fountain, Terrace Houses (are not include in this tour), Verious Bath. The fabulous reconstruction of the Temple of Hadrian will be one of your best stops. You will have some fun at Latrine, public toilets where 48 Romans could seat together .The third biggest library in the antiquity called as Celsus Library, the masterpiece of Ephesus will be our break point where you may have your best shots. After the break time you will walk to the theater on the marble street which was designed for wheeled vehicles and chariots. Magnificent Ephesus Theatre with the capacity of 24.000 people where Saint Paul preached can be seen. At least you are going to final this unforgettable excursion walking on the Arcadian or Harbor Street which was reaching to the port once (now 5 miles away) was illuminated by 50 torches or oil lambs is located in front of the theater.

After lunch with 20 minutes driving up to the mountain you will visit Sirince which was once Cirkince ("ugly"). Indeed its habitants gave this name on purpose as they did not want to be bothered by foreigners nor to share the beauty of their village.
Still after years, visitors understood that the village was not ugly at all and called it Sirince ("pretty"). As the village is located on the top of a mountain, anyone will enjoy the impressive wine yards' and peach trees' views on his way.
Today the village is a perfect synthesis of Turk-Greek culture as of the 1920's: after the Independence War, people exchange between Greek and Turks has occurred and all those typical Greek houses, though they kept their original outside characteristics, have received the local layout inside. The most beautiful specimens are open to visitors. And even in the courtyard of one of them, one will discover a nicely restorated Orthodox church.

All the narrow streets of the village belong to the women, selling handcrafts of all kinds, olive oil. Another attraction of Sirince is its wine: try its taste in small cafés or in the former municipal school restorated.

You will be back to the Izmir port within 7 ½ or 8 hours from the beginning of the tour.

* If you would like to visit Terrace Houses in Ephesus there will be an extra entrance fee of 15$ which you may pay in the entrance of Terrace Houses.

Terrace Houses located behind the shops on the south side of Curetes Street near the Library of Celsus. These are luxurious private houses, known as the Slope Houses for their location on the slopes of Mt. Coressus (Bulbuldag). Occupied from the 1st century to 7th century AD, the Slope Houses have been compared to the 1st century villas of Pompeii in importance. The Terrace Houses are also known as the Slope Houses and Hanghausen (in German, because the archaeologists are Austrian).

* If you would like to visit museum there will be an extra entrance fee of 5$ which you may pay in the entrance of museum.

* Ephesus could be really hot from May till the end of September.

Please don't forget to wear a hat and carry a bottle of water with you during your tour.

1- The Water Palace 8- The Temple of Dominitian 15- The Scolastica Baths 22- The Grand Theater
2- The Varius Baths 9- The Memmius Monument 16- The Public Toilets 23- The Theater Gymnasium
3- The State Agora 10- The Heracles Gate 17- The Brothel 24- The Harbour Street
4- Basilica 11- The Curetes Street 18- Mazeus & Mithriadates Gate 25- The Harbour Bath
5- Odeon, Bouleuterion 12- The Fountain of Trajan 19- The Library of Celsus 26- The Church of Virgin Mary
6- The Palace of Council, Prytaneion 13- The Terrace Houses 20- The Marble Street 27- The Stadium Street
7- The Fountain of Pollio 14- The Temple of Hadrian 21- The Agora 28- The Stadium

Pricing (Per Person)

  • 1$190
  • 2$85
  • 3$80
  • 4$55
  • 5$45
  • 6-10$40
  • 11-16$40
  • 17+$25

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