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House of Virgin Mary
House of Virgin Mary
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After arriving in Kuşadası you will see the shopping center in the exit. We are the unique travel agency in this shopping centre. Our agency is in the second floor, first hole just in front of you; that's why you will be invited by our personel who is crouding 'EPHESUS TOUR' and holding board where is written our tour fees. You can arrive easly by lift or steps to our office where you will join with other guests who are waiting to start our REGULAR TOUR program. Our collagues will explain you the details of our tour program. You can easily decide to participate in the REGULAR TOUR PROGRAM or to choose PRIVATE TOUR PROGRAM. If you need we can orginize a private tour for you and your family. This tour will be, belongs to you, '' TAILOR MADE TOUR'' in which you decide ,whereever you want to go and  whenever you want to return back to the horbour



After driving 25 minutes you will be entering to Virgin Mary’s House. Your guide will inform you about the Virgin Mary’s House. You are going to visit the holly site where Pope Paul VI visited and Pope Benedict XVI celebrated mass.

You will have your free time of 30 or 45minutes in the area. That is just an amazing place where you could feel peace and something holly is around you. If you wish you could pray in the house, light a candle and drink holly water. If you would like to carry some holly water back home you could either fill the bottle you brought or buy a bottle of holly water.

You will meet our coach in the exit and after 5minutes driving you will enter Ephesus from the upper gate (which is on the top of the hill) with the leading of your private guide. Your guide will begin to inform you about the city and you will start to walk slightly down words to the lower gate where our coach is waiting for you.

The first stop will be in front of the plan of Ephesus where you are going to be informed about the history and the location of this magnificent historical site. You could easily feel yourself as a Roman Aristocrat during your walk in the second biggest Roman city.

You will see and informed about the Upper Roman Bath, Gymnasium complex, State Agora, Archaic Cemetery and small theatre with the capacity of 1400 people also called as Odeon but actually was Bouleterion. By walking down words going through the sacred ramp you will reach to the Domitian Square and Memmiuss Monument. Via to Hercules gateway you arrive to the Centrum, to the high life of Ephesians. The street as entitled as Curetes,Trajan’s Fountain, Terrace Houses (are not include in this tour), Verious Bath. The fabulous reconstruction of the Temple of Hadrian will be one of your best stops. You will have some fun at Latrine, public toilets where 48 Romans could seat together .The third biggest library in the antiquity called as Celsus Library, the masterpiece of Ephesus will be our break point where you may have your best shots. After the break time you will walk to the theater on the marble street which was designed for wheeled vehicles and chariots. Magnificent Ephesus Theatre with the capacity of 24.000 people where Saint Paul preached can be seen. At least you are going to final this unforgettable excursion walking on the Arcadian or Harbor Street which was reaching to the port once (now 5 miles away) was illuminated by 50 torches or oil lambs is located in front of the theater.

Visiting Turkish handicraft center where you will learn local culture and you can see the hospitality of the country.

You will be back to the Kusadasi port within 3 ½ or 4 hours from the beginning of the tour.

Terrace Houses located behind the shops on the south side of Curetes Street near the Library of Celsus. These are luxurious private houses, known as the Slope Houses for their location on the slopes of Mt. Coressus (Bulbuldag). Occupied from the 1st century to 7th century AD, the Slope Houses have been compared to the 1st century villas of Pompeii in importance. The Terrace Houses are also known as the Slope Houses and Hanghausen (in German, because the archaeologists are Austrian).



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  • 1$29
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  • 5$29
  • 6-10$29
  • 11-16$29
  • 17+$29

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